Nobel laureate Dr. Bernard Lown's latest project is a book, "Prescription for Survival: A Doctor's Journey to End Nuclear Madness." (Suzanne Kreiter/Globe Staff)

A prescription for good deeds

Dr. Bernard Lown stands in the hallway of the Chestnut Hill home that he and his wife, Louise, have lived in for the past five decades. Filled with framed thank-you notes and photographs, Lown proudly says he’s accumulated good deeds rather than endless objects. “To me the profound moral purpose in life is that when […]

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Science-fiction writer Jennifer Pelland will read from her new anthology next Sunday in Waltham. (Suzanne Kreiter/Globe Staff)

Outer limits of fiction

Jennifer Pelland has prevented genetics from going haywire, built bubble cities to deter solar mutations in the human race, and created future societies dealing with global warming. The 38-year-old science-fiction writer also has been nominated for this year’s Nebula Award, presented by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, for her short story “Captive […]

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Grammy-winning drummer Mark Walker will perform Friday night in the "Mark Walker Project: Latin Grooves" at the Center for Arts in Natick.

Drumming to a world beat

Three thousand miles from Los Angeles, a Grammy award sits on a mantel in Mark Walker’s modest Natick home. He received the music industry’s golden gramophone last month for his work on “Funk Tango” with the Paquito D’Rivera Quintet. He’s been a member of the band since 1989. A percussion professor at Berklee College of […]

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Gene Burnard, 64, of Marlborough, helps connect employers with the over-50 population. His latest thrill hobby is his Harley-Davidson. (Joanne Rathe/Globe Staff)

Over 50 and marketing it

Gene Burnard has designed flight simulators for NASA, processed scientific data for the oil exploration industry, and worked with companies developing radar systems. He’s gone from flying airplanes to jumping out of them. Now the 64-year-old Marlborough resident feeds his need for speed with a Harley-Davidson, and is kept grounded by helping his peers find […]

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Gerald Scandiffio (left) and Arthur Graham, who provide mobility devices for customers of Next Step Orthotics and Prosthetics in Newton, examine a cutaway model of a state-of-theart C-Leg model, which is controlled by a microprocessor. (Globe Staff Photo / George Rizer)

After loss, a shared strength

Gerald Scandiffio knows that losing a limb is devastating. One of his legs was amputated 17 years ago, and he can tell you what it feels like to lie in a hospital bed staring at a fearful and uncertain future. Photo Gallery The ‘Next Step’ in prosthetics Now, Scandiffio and Arthur Graham, as board-certified prosthetics […]

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A mobility specialist, Natick resident Suzi Abu-Jaber teaches people - including infants - with visual impairments to get around life's obstacles. (SUZANNE KREITER/GLOBE STAFF)

Confidence in a world unseen

For nearly two decades, Suzi Abu-Jaber has been helping visually impaired children gain the confidence to venture out into the world. Those who are sighted, she says, will observe a task being carried out a thousand times before they attempt it on their own. But for children who cannot see, there’s a disconnect with even […]

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Framingham resident Michael Barenboym, who left Russia in 1990, sits with some of the products developed by his engineering firm. (Pat Greenhouse/Globe Staff)

Engineering his new life

Michael Barenboym has designed a heart-assist device and a machine that processes bone marrow for use in bone-grafting procedures, and has improved on the no-drip valve mechanisms in toddler sippy cups. “A good mechanical engineer can design anything from an airplane to a child’s toy,” said the 41-year-old Framingham resident. “As long as they know […]

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The insights of outsiders

The insights of outsiders

Surviving middle school is difficult enough for the average kid. But if you’re from India and land in an all-white suburb in California in the 1970s, life can be a lot tougher, Mitali Perkins recalled. Or try being the only girl in a baseball league in a small Midwestern town 30 years ago, Karen Day […]

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"Painting and writing poetry has become a natural way for me to celebrate pivotal moments in my life," says Dr. Irwin E. Thompson, of Newton. (WARREN PATTERSON)

Memories inspire a second act

For nearly half a century, Dr. Irwin E. Thompson spent his days in laboratories and operating rooms, helping people start families through in vitro fertilization. Now retired from medicine, he continues to study life, birth, and nature – through art. “Painting and writing poetry has become a natural way for me to celebrate pivotal moments […]

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Tori Stuart, who started out selling granola from her car, drops in at Zoe's distributor in Franklin. (Bill Polo/Globe Staff)

A business success, naturally

Tori Stuart was destined to run her own business. At the age of 5, she often played secretary and one day told her father: “You’re fired.” By 12 she was selling hand-painted barrettes in boutiques near her childhood home in Westchester County in New York. And while attending Brown University, Stuart and a friend started […]

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